Why Choose SkyCare

Our CEO, Judah Gutwein, LNHA, has senior qualifications and experience in the healthcare industry – and an intimate understanding of the challenges and opportunities. He built SkyCare to bring insider marketing strategy to our industry.

No need to hire one agency to develop your brand identity, one to design your logo and marketing material, one to build your website, another to write your blog, and another to canvas consumer review sites – and then make sure they’re all cooperating. With SkyCare, you get comprehensive service and total accountability – saving you time and headaches.

We don’t just get the job done and then clock out. We become your strategic marketing partner, working closely with your team to realize your business goals. We don’t rest until we’ve tweaked your customized marketing strategy to perfection.


JOE Y – VP – NYC Based Healthcare System

With SkyCare MEDIA on our side, we can sleep well at night knowing that our business is growing, because they always have their finger on the “help” button.

ROSEY P. LNHA – Administrator – NYS Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center

It’s been a year doing business with SkyCare MEDIA and what a year it’s been. They have been consistent throughout, giving that special attention to detail and always touching base to see how they can improve their services.

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