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A Digital Agency

Sky Care MEDIA provides a full turnkey solution to all your online marketing needs. We will build your brand identity online and then we will maintain and monitor your online reputation to ensure you are always ‘looking your best!’

Forward Thinking

Your online reputation is built by others when you ignore the conversation. Sky Care MEDIA harnesses the power of the internet to connect you to your existing customers and to help you start a conversation with your future clients.

Problem Solvers

Are you bothered by negative feedback regarding your business, which appears on page 1 when conducting a Google search for your nursing or rehab facility?

Sky Care MEDIA uses proprietary methods to ensure that you build positive feedback while suppressing negative comments.

Generate New Customer Referrals Online!

Sky Care MEDIA partners with the most prestigious online healthcare resources that receive thousands of consumer inquiries each year. These are YOUR potential customers who require post-acute rehabilitation or skilled nursing care in your area! Ask us about our online consumer lead generation programs.

The Sky Care MEDIA Story:

The story of Sky Care MEDIA is rather simple. I saw a critical need for this type of marketing in the healthcare community. I noted that while Healthcare professionals traditionally tend toward print marketing and “take out all the stops” to create compelling business cards, brochures and print marketing material, they often do not appreciate the importance of their online position, presence and reputation, which is of far greater significance to their bottom line.

For example, I was amazed to see how some owners would spend a small fortune on creating a snazzy logo and choosing just the right custom aqua color and type font for their brochures, while neglecting to monitor or address the horrible things their customers were saying about their healthcare centers online?!

How could it be, I wondered, that an owner would care more about his business card relegated to his wallet and seen by a relative few, over his online ratings and reputation, considering how these things directly impact his census numbers and profits?!

However, after doing more research, I realized that I had been giving folks “too much credit,” in assuming they were aware, informed and inexplicably choosing one over the other. The fact of the matter is that too many healthcare facility owners and operators simply have no idea and no clue whether they have any online visibility and traffic for their bread and butter keywords, much less what folks are saying about them online.

Many owners and operators are of the old school and feel like they are extending themselves just to build a pretty, static website for their facilities.

For them, this is the sum of their online marketing awareness.

That is a crying shame, truly, since many of these same owners who spend thousands of dollars on creating high end marketing material, wind up being hurt or victimized by not investing more effort and paying more attention to their digital marketing efforts.

When there is nobody “watching the house” to monitor your online presence and feedback, your reputation will be built by others and it won’t necessarily be pretty.

While you may have a 5-star rating with CMS, if your online star rating among real consumers is less than stellar, your business will irrevocably suffer and you’ll never know it because you will lose customers before they ever contact you.

A proper analogy would be a hotel in Miami that is losing customers every single day due to their poor ratings on TripAdvisor.com. It is quite difficult to quantify the lost revenue of these squandered opportunities!

Indeed, if you have a bad reputation and limited visibility online, all your traditional marketing efforts to build census in your facilities, is akin to pouring water into a cup with a gaping hole in the bottom!

In this climate, Sky Care has become a game changer to generate an immersive and fully positive online brand identity for healthcare providers!

With the internet fast replacing old forms of “facility research” and “due diligence,” your enhanced online visibility will increase your census and your bottom line.

Let me show you what I can do for your business, I promise you wont be disappointed!

Warm Regards,

Judah Gutwein, L.N.H.A.



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