What is SEO?

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. When you conduct a specific Google search, whether to purchase a product or a service, Google will typically feed you with a plethora of pages and results, possibly numbering in the thousands. Chances are you’ll never get past page 2 or 3 and will likely give your business to a company displayed on the first page. Naturally, every business would like to appear on page 1. How do they accomplish this? It isn’t based upon creating the most visually appealing website in the world, though that’s certainly a plus. Rather, it is about creating a well functioning website with search engine friendly site architecture and a ton of fresh content. If you provide post-acute rehabilitation in a crowded demographic with many local competitors, naturally, you want your facility pages to show up before your competitors. We will achieve page 1 results for your bread and butter keywords!

I already have a website, why do I need a blog?

Your website is the equivalent of your business card online and is comprised of several static webpages. Your beautiful website will NOT generate business for you and is for folks who already know about you. Conversely, your blog with its fresh and decidedly search engine friendly content, will not only be enjoyed by your families and subscribers, it will most importantly drive traffic and sales to your business.

Are you able to bring us actual consumer leads and referrals?


Ask us about our online partnership opportunities for referral and lead generation!

Will you create and manage our social media pages for us?

Yes, absolutely!

You will have a stellar presence on the main social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube!

Why does my online reputation matter?

If you are a nursing home owner/operator who lives, breathes and dies based upon your CMS ratings, you’re already in big trouble.

For one thing, you are at the constant mercy of your ratings, which may change from year to year, or even with an unexpected visit from the ombudsman! You cannot afford to rely solely on your state surveys and ratings to project a 5 star reputation to your target market.

The beauty of the internet is that you no longer need to have your business dependent upon how well you did at your last survey. In fact, the internet is where the folks who are the decision makers in placing their loved ones with you, will turn for their feedback and to view your ‘ratings.’

If you have consistently achieved 5-Star ratings online from real consumers, you will have built trust and confidence and will see the result in your increased census.

Conversely, if your online ratings stink and you have a myriad number of disgruntled families who took to the internet to publicly excoriate you, even a 5-Star CMS rating wont help.

Will you help us generate 5 star online reviews?

Yes and nobody does this better than we do it!

We will solicit your happy customers for their feedback and will help facilitate and publish their online reviews on the many highly trafficked consumer oriented independent healthcare websites.

Are you able to help with our many negative reviews prominently displayed online?


Together, we will work to determine the veracity of each review already posted and then every future review in real time and as they are posted. We do this as part of your online reputation management.  In many instances, acting as your online representative, we will immediately contest and fight those reviews we believe to be libelous and defamatory and we have much success in getting them removed entirely. We also respond to each review (positive and negative) acting as your spokesperson to the online community. Positive reviews receive our thanks and negative reviews are tempered for future viewers and your potential customers by our cogent and measured responses. Ultimately, the more positive reviews and pages and content we generate about your business online, the more it will suppress your negative feedback until it is buried deep in the Google SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) and no longer visible to your audience.

What else do you offer?

We are a full service marketing agency to service ALL your needs!

Check out Our Services page for more information.